Canon ID CARD Printer


Brand new Canon printer that prints ID CARD, CD /PASSPORT PHOTO. With this printer, you can print any id card /cd /passport, you can imagine or create! .

The ID card tray with this printer fits standard pvc cards and prints 2 cards at once. The printer prints direct on the pvc card so there is no need for cutting or laminating of the pvc card. You can now say bye-bye to cutting and laminating method. Good business, good idea. Easy work flow, cost-effective, fast and efficient.

The Pvc card is already cut and coated for use. The more interesting part is that you will never worry of ink cartridge with printer, The printer is sold with a refillable ink cartridge which is a permanent ink cartridge that has a refilling hole which allows you to refill the cartridge again and again with refill ink.

The set of the refill ink that comes with printers produces 10,000 prints on id card.
Good idea  ,Good business !!!

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