DTF Pet Film Sheets – works with all DTF printers, The process of heat transfer of textile ink to the film can be done on a variety of fabrics such as cotton and polyester. When printing using a DTF  printer, you will first need to print to the DTF sheets / film. Then, add DTF powder to cover the print before curing. Wear protective masks when operating your DTF equipment and processes and operate in a well ventilated room.

A3/A4 Sizes Available


A3/A4 Sheet Size DTF Film

-Size: A4, A3
-Single/Double-sided matte finish
-Enhanced transfer effect and cost-effective

This 75μm Inksystem Double sided matte DTF film is especially suitable for all DTF PRINTERS  and DTF INKS,for transferring on T-shirts, team clothes, Work clothes, advertising shirts, jerseys, bags and other fields. The image transferred has color retention and resistance to multiple washing.



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